Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the program hours?

Program hours are from your school’s dismissal time until 6:00 p.m.

Sessions are Fall, Winter, and Spring. Active Schedule 3:00 pm - 5:30pm


How does my child get into afterschool?

After dismissal, students are brought into the cafeteria and released to E.A.T.S. staff.


Where does my child get dismissed?

After dismissal, students are brought into the cafeteria and released to E.A.T.S. staff.  At the end of the program, students are dismissed from a designated area where parents/guardians, after proof of identity, will sign out their child.  


What is the average size of after-school groups?

Class size is usually 12-15 students with one teacher and one assistant.


What if I want to pick up my child early?

Your child would need to stop their class, pack up, and be brought to you.  Early pick-up is a distraction - please let us know ahead of time.


What if I am late picking up my child?

Please make every effort to be on time.  Program ends at 6:00p.m.  A late fee of $5 every 5 minutes is due at pick up. 


Do you provide drop-in service?

Your child must be registered with the EATS program to utilize this service.  The cost is $25 per day and requires you to pay upon pick-up at 6:00 p.m. You must completely register your child even if you plan to use it in the future.


How do I plan for the day I need after-school care?

Simply contact the EATS program by phone/e-mail and send a note to your child's teacher stating that your child will be attending the EATS program that day.


If I cannot pick up my child at 6:00 p.m., will there be any extended time? 

You can enroll in happy hour for an extra weekly charge of $50.


Can I observe a class?

E.A.T.S. is unable to accommodate visiting due to several regulations.  Sessions will have orientations and meet/greet. We will also have a community group where you get inside views.


How will the academic intervention of my child’s needs be met?

We will take special care to address your child’s academic needs once you inform us of areas needing improvement.


Why do you need my child’s medical information?

Your school cannot legally share medical or IEP information with E.A.T.S. after-school.  Families must share the information with us directly.  List and/or describe allergies and IEP.


Do you tutor my child one on one?

We are an academic and enrichment program during the after-school time, and the commitment is to homework completion. 

However, you can schedule a virtual session on the EATS website for one-on-one tutoring.


What is Prep4Success©?

While enrolled in after-school, Prep4Success©  is our strategies and skills preparation for State testing, taking the ELA, Math, and Science State exams. 


Do you have childcare reimbursement from your job?

If you work for healthcare and have 1199 get the forms 

If you work for the MTA and have CCF get the forms 

You may be able to save 40% weekly or full monthly reimbursement of tuition. Inquire with us. 

We cannot accept ACD vouchers for afterschool, but we can accept them for our Summer camp program. 



Why do we have to pay for the program?

The best thing in life that is free is Love, and we give it abundantly.  City or State agencies do not fund us, this is a parent-funded program with kind donations.  Love does not pay the teaching staff, the building fee, the insurance, the resource materials, the activities, or outside vendors that come in for the program's students.  When you break down the price of $90 per week per program hours, you are paying $5.14 per hour - now that’s priceless. Certified teaching staff and safety of your school building. 


Will there be fundraising?

There will be opportunities to fundraise, which can be applied to your child's account to decrease your tuition.


If you have more questions, send them via email.



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